Tees-Side Rose Society


Going to a Show

The first thing to do is get hold of the schedule for the show you have selected and carefully study the requirements of the classes before deciding which entries you are going to make.

In the main schedules call for

        a number of stems or blooms to be presented in either

        vases, bowls, boxes, baskets or palettes.

Some classes in a schedule may call for two or more vases or bowls to exhibited but it is unlikely you will be tackling these in your first few shows.

The types of roses to be exhibited are most often 

        Large Flowered Roses (Hybrid Tea or HT) 

        Cluster Flowered Roses (Floribunda) 

        Miniature Roses.

The next thing to do is to practice putting together a display of roses (or staging as it is called in ehhibiting circles.)
This is not as easy as you might think especially as some of the classes can be very demanding. Here are some pictures of typical exhibits in rose shows.

Examples of Exhibits - some good, some not so good.

Vase of 3 stems Cluster Flowered

Vase of 3 stems Large Flowered

Bowls of 9 Large Flowered

Vase of 5 stems Large Flowered

Bowls of 12 stems Large Flowered